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  • Serialization of locks
  • Solutions for new and renovated buildings
  • Wholesale

Installation of access systems

  • Comprehensive counseling
  • Choosing the right products
  • Professional installation

Locking and access solutions for commercial buildings

Design, installation and renovation of efficient access systems

  • Access systems for public and commercial buildings

    Access systems are door automation solutions that allow you to manage and monitor the use of accesses.

    Our product range includes phono locks, code locks, card readers and remote control devices for gates.

  • Design and serialization of locking systems

    When building a new house or renovating an old one, it is possible to create a unified system of locks and keys, where one key can be used to enter different rooms. When renovating an old house, locking systems can also be upgraded gradually.

    For each building and entrance, you will receive the required number of standard and master keys, marked according to building, floor and room.

  • Wireless access control

    In buildings of all sizes and types, an efficient access system is needed to ensure the safety of people and premises, while allowing the necessary people to move around comfortably and safely.

    We offer a wide range of access solutions that can also be installed wirelessly.

  • Door closers and door automation

    Retail and wholesale trade, installation, maintenance and repair of door closers and door automation systems.

    The main function of a door closer is to close the door smoothly and securely, without disturbing rattles or heat loss. We also make the doors open by themselves!

  • Access controls and key cabinets

    An electronic key management system authorizes, secures and tracks all your keys and automatically checks and records when and by whom a key is used.

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Self-opening front doors

can also be controlled using the existing phono lock system or a smart device.

100% touchless passage

Doors can be unlocked with a smartphone and guests can also report their presence by phone. You can also use the phono button and door phone to open the door. The door opens completely automatically.

Compatible with existing phono lock system

The system is compatible with most existing phono lock systems. It is therefore not necessary to install a new system. Ideal for both large and small apartment buildings and office buildings.

No need to buy out

With a full service rental package from Head Solutions partners, there is no need to buy out the systems. The fixed rental fee of the package includes products, system installation and maintenance.

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The Head Solutions team is always at your service, providing state-of-the-art access systems, products, accessories and services to ensure a peaceful and secure life.


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