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  • Serialization of locks
  • Solutions for new and renovated buildings
  • Wholesale

Installation of access systems

  • Comprehensive counseling
  • Choosing the right products
  • Professional installation

Passage solutions that ensure a safe and comfortable living environment

Easy-to-install solutions for new and renovated buildings

  • Efficient solutions for new homes and renovated buildings

    Access systems are door automation solutions that allow the management and monitoring of the use of access points. Our product range includes phono locks, code locks, card readers and remote control devices for gates.

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  • Variety of solutions, maintenance and accessories

    How many passageways are there in a typical apartment building? Front door, phonolocking system, basement, garage, gates, garbage shed and, of course, apartment doors. We provide the solutions, we install and maintain.

    Head Solutions has the most experienced lock experts.

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  • Let the residents of the house see who is behind the front door

    Phonolocking systems are in themselves a big step towards security. But seeing is believing – the videophone gives you the reassurance that only those who are welcome and wanted will get through the front door.

    Up to 125 video monitors can be connected to a single Videophono system.

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  • A smart, convenient and far-sighted peephole

    If you don’t have a single videophone system in your house, an ideal alternative is a peephole with a camera and a doorbell, which is suitable for both apartment doors and the gate of a private house.

    If you’ve got a smart lock, you can let a friend or grandmother in even if you haven’t come home yet.

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Hikvision videofono välipaneel

Süvistatav, ilmastikukindel fono kutsepaneel, mis võimaldab ühendada kuni 125 monitori. Sisseehitatud kaardilugeja. IP65


Hind 455.-
Soodushind 325.-
Hikvision videofono välipaneel

Ezviz digitaalne uksesilm

Akuga töötav nutikas uksesilm koos kaamera ja kellaga ning mida saab jälgida nii seinamonitorist kui telefonist. Ideaalne korterisse ja eramaja väravale.

Hind 228.-
Ezviz digitaalne uksesilm