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  • Serialization of locks
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Installation of access systems

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Privacy, ease of use and security in a private house

Smart locks, gate automation and electric car charging

  • Everything is set up the way you want it, you can manage everything smartly. Even from far away.

    There are lots of smart and secure solutions out there, and we can help you make them work smartly for your home.

    Your home is your castle -and not only the home. Head Solutions helps to create a complete system that connects the accesses of your home, workplace and country house.

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  • Smart locks - a lot of locks no longer means a big bunch of keys.

    Smart locks help you, your family and your loved ones to manage and control your doors in the city and in your country home without a keys. In cooperation with the employer, it is also possible to conveniently connect workplace access points to the system.

    We will review all the places where you operate and create smart access solutions for you.

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  • Gate automation makes passage more convenient

    Gate automation installation is often just a matter of making your mind up about wanting to do it. Everyone who has done it is very satisfied and says that they can no longer imagine their life without self-opening gates.

    Contact us and we will make the right choice together.

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  • Security isn't just about locks and gates, it's about knowing that everything is in order.

    In addition to the smart lock, the surveillance camera provides a real-time overview of what is happening in and around the house. You can rest assured that everything will be as it should be, even when you are away, or that the courier who delivers your parcel will use the smart lock code as intended.

    Our range of cameras are easy to install and set up yourself. All you need is a working Wi-Fi connection and the camera image is on your phone 24/7.

    See surveillance cameras and accessories in our online store
  • Handles, hinges, latches and a large selection of door and window accessories

    In addition to locks, we need various accessories to help ensure that the doors do not slam excessively or break walls, that the windows are fixed in the open position, and that everything runs quietly and smoothly.

    Check out the selection of accessories in our online store.